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KOBE All boys Paint Party

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

This paint party was everything! I feel like when you give kids/teenagers the materials to be as creative as their mind allows it can never get lost. In light of the tragic current events, me and this mom thought it would be pretty dope to have these young men paint an image of Kobe in tribute of him.

The response was amazing! The young men playfully bickered back and fourth about the proper colors to paint the jersey, as to make sure the accuracy of home and away jerseys were correct! It was such a wonderful way to see the amateur sports arguments and the genuine, innocent ( little boys) smiles that was appearing all over the room.

A few got bored after about 30-40 minutes but for some selected few they slowly meticulously traced over the drawing of Kobe. To make sure they stayed on the lines. They were in to it!

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