Virtual Kids Mobile Art Party Kit for 10 Artists

Virtual Kids Mobile Art Party Kit for 10 Artists

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Mobile Art kit delivered to your house! Kit Includes:

  • 10 Disposable Easels
  • 10 11x17 Canvas
  • 10 Acrylic Colors for options
  • 10 sets of Brushes
  • 10 Plastic Palettes 
  • 10 Plastic disposable Aprons
  • Pre sketched images on Canvass   -Option to be left blank


This is a Kids Option because of the size of the Canvas. 


NOTE: THIS OPTION DOES NOT INCLUDE INDIVIDUAL KITS. All items will be put neatly in 1 big box for party host to disperse. 


If you need Individual Kits, please purchase the "Virtual Art Kits"and select the amount that you would like. These can also be arrnaged for local pick up.


Additional Kits available for $15 each

  • Kids Mobile Art Party Kit

    This is a Mobile kit for a Children's Paint Party for 10 Artists. All supplies are included however there are a few household items that you will need such as napkins to wipe the brush off and a cup fpr water to clean your brush.

     The whole kiy can be locally picked up or if you are in the Seattle Area can be porch side delivered.


    You are welcome to return the kit within 30 days as long as all supplies have not been used. This includes the use of paint brushes and clean canvasses. 


    *We ship Nation Wide*

    Items will all be shipped together in a large box.

    Ships within 3-5  days of ordering