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How our Summer went!

Come check out what we have been up to! Seattle Paint Party has been an integral part of numerous events that have brought the world of art directly to our vibrant community.


Skyway Art Library

Introducing Claudia Villalobos and Jackeline Nowell, the creative minds behind a visionary project in collaboration with CREA Space. Together, they've brought to life an innovative concept - an Art Library that not only provides free art supplies to the community but also invites community members to contribute their materials. This visionary library was born out of a deep-seated motivation to create a space that fosters creativity and offers a boundless array of creative resources.

What Is Art In The Park?

In 2023, Seattle Paint Party initiated an extraordinary community-driven endeavor called "Art in the Park" with an ambitious mission to empower and inspire the youth of South Seattle. This noble initiative goes beyond just offering free art supplies; it's about providing a platform for creative expression and learning by delivering complimentary workshops to the vibrant communities in our area.

This year, we took significant strides towards fulfilling our vision by hosting not one, but five distinctive "Art in the Parks" events at Skyway Park and Martha B. Washington Park. These gatherings served as beacons of inspiration, fostering creativity and community spirit. Our commitment to this cause is truly remarkable, and the impact on the community has been nothing short of extraordinary.

These events were made possible by the Seattle Art and Culture Grant "Art in the Park" and The King County Participatory Budgeting Program. 

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