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Ideal for your next corporate gathering, graffiti team-building workshops are a fun and unique way to bring staff together in a collaborative and creative setting. Groups of any size will benefit from expert facilitators. Workshops may include a brief "history of graffiti" segment, and takeaway Canvass and Art Favor bag.


Materials include water-based aerosol paints, which are ideal for indoor spaces and participants who are sensitive to fumes.

Immerse your group in a session of hands-on aerosol painting. Your team will learn a basic history of our Artists 

with a demonstration of how a stencil and bubble lettering are created. Participants will collaborate on vision,

identity and message. Then it's up to your

team to create something Amazing!

Graffiti Artist

Each Package includes the below Materials:

Packages start at:

$3500- Workshop for up to 25 participants

$5,000 UP TO 40 Participants.

 (We cannot accommodate any more than 40 Participants) 

 What a Graffiti Workshop includes:

3 Hour Workshop

What's Provided:

  • Aprons or smocks for each participant

  • Individual take home Canvas 

  • Stencil Making

  • Ground Coverings  ( if needed)

  • water based Aerosol Spray Paint ( an array of colors)

  • Rubber Gloves

  • N95 Respirator Masks

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