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Do you want to offer a Paint Party at your Building? 

Add a pop of color and a whole lot of fun to your apartment building with our Paint Party! Join your neighbors for an evening of creativity, laughter, and community bonding. Whether you're a Picasso in the making or just looking to unwind, our Paint Party promises an unforgettable experience for all. Your Guests will love this


Why have a Paint Party?

  1. Community Building: Strengthen bonds among residents and foster a sense of community.

  2. Creativity: Encourage residents to explore their artistic side and unleash their creativity.

  3. Relaxation: Provide a fun and laid-back environment for residents to unwind and de-stress.

  4. Memorable Experiences: Create lasting memories and enhance resident satisfaction with engaging events.

In essence, a Paint Party offers a blend of community, creativity, relaxation, and memorable experiences that enrich the living experience for residents.


Melissa, Seattle

The Paint Party was such a fun way to get to know my neighbors! We had a blast!

 James, Seattle

" I never go to the rooftop but this was great to actually do something fun up there, while trying something new"

Lisa , Seattle

“This was awesome! This was basically date night upstairs, What a fun idea! Hope we do it again.”

How it works



  • Price: $425 for up to 10 artists, with an additional $35 per person thereafter. (group rate available after 20 guests). 

  • We bring all the materials needed except tables and chairs.

  • Duration: 2 hours of painting fun!

  • Location: Your apartment complex's common area or any designated space of your choice. 

  • We bring table cloths and floor coverings

  • We are fully insured!

Contact Us to Book Your Paint Party!

A representative will contact you shortly to schedule your Paint Party! Simply provide us with your preferred date and time, and our team will handle the rest!

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