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Seattle Paint Party is a Women owned Mobile Art Party  that provides a creative place made for aspiring artists for both children and adults!  At Seattle Paint Party we love having fun with art and with the people around us. Come learn the basics and develop your skills in a great environment.

Our mission is to produce a safe space for all kinds of artists.   We believe in unlocking the creative spirit within each and every one of us. With that being said we offer a wide range of workshops. Whether you’re a professional looking for new inspiration, a brand new student hoping to learn a thing or two about art, or if you’re simply interested in picking up a new hobby, we are  here to welcome you into the fold.

Services we Offer:

  • Festival and Event Activations

  • Virtual Paint and Sips

  • In person Paint and Sips

  • Creative Workshops and Events

  • Corporate  Team Building

  •     Teaching Artist Opportunities

Art Class Girl

Mobile Art Parties!

We are always offering in person creative events! Such as Birthday parties, Paint parties, public and private! All Art Parties!

 If you would like to plan an event , check out our services! if you don't see what you are looking for feel free to Email or text!

 I'll be happy to consult with you!

We offer amazing Art activations for festivals and events. Activation events allow brands to create an experience for their attendees, such as Tie Dye, Create on clothing, Multiple Art stations. We create the artistic space  while your guests get to enjoy creating with multiple forms of medium. 



Seattle Paint Party will be offering several opportunities to get outside and create this summer! These

events will consist of instructional workshops taught by local Artists! These events will be FREE for the community!

We are looking for Sponsors and Partners to add to the festivities! to learn more please email me at

Graffiti Workshops & Street Art Team Building

Seattle Paint Party is now Offering Graffiti Team Building!

Ideal for your next corporate gathering, graffiti team-building workshops are a fun and unique way to bring staff together in a collaborative and creative setting. Groups of any size will benefit from expert facilitators who have over 20 years of street art experience. Workshops  include a brief "history of graffiti" ,  Stencil practice and finalizing a custom stencil on canvass. 

Materials include water-based aerosol paints, which are ideal for indoor spaces and participants who are sensitive to fumes.


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